002Isolate prospective subscribers, influence ad sales and increase revenue.

Successful marketing is highly challenging in today's competitive publishing environment. With more options available to your customers, retaining both regular subscribers and advertisers is critical to your success. To ensure your business' growth you need effective solutions for isolating new customers and gaining increased revenue from your existing ones. Equifax delivers intelligent solutions for publishers — solutions designed to help them provide additional value to advertisers, attract new subscribers, retain existing customers and gain incremental revenue.

What's the Benefit to Your Business?

  • Isolate qualified prospects by accessing our leading databases, rich with lifestyle and demographic selections on more than 100 million consumers and 18.5 million businesses.

  • Identify and acquire profitable new customers for increased subscription and advertising revenue.

  • Improve marketing campaigns and ROI.

  • Learn more about your customers to assist in expire renewal efforts and add value for your advertisers.

  • Leverage your existing database to gain incremental revenue.

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