Loan Origination

002Equifax helps you combine consumer credit information with user-defined criteria to deliver actionable customer intelligence at the point-of-sale. As a result, your front-line employees are empowered to make real-time credit decisions that are consistent with your policies.

What's the Benefit to Your Business?

  • Efficiently originate mortgage loans with:

    • Current, reliable consumer credit data from Equifax

    • Dual and tri-merge consumer data from all three major credit reporting agencies

    • Cost-effective "plug-and-play" integration to the industry's LOS, AUS and POS systems

    • Superior customer service and industry-leading turnaround time

    • A front-line defense of identity verification and authentication tools to help prevent against fraudulent transactions

    • Continuous monitoring of borrower activity and daily alerts of the activities that may represent potential risk as it relates to undisclosed debt and liabilities

    • as referenced in Fannie Mae's Loan Quality Initiative (LQI) FAQs

    • Timely and relevant property valuation data/analytics, including an AVM that allows you to see the underlying data that supports an estimated value

    • The largest central source for employer-provided employment and income information via The Work Number
Products and Services
BEACON 09 predicts the likelihood that an existing account or potential credit customer will become a serious credit risk within 24 months after scoring.
BEACON 09 Mortgage Industry Option adjusts the BEACON 09 credit risk assessment score, adding or subtracting points according to predictive information specific to the mortgage industry.
Undisclosed Debt Monitoring is a proprietary platform that monitors the “quiet period” between the time of original credit file pull and the closing of the loan.
Credit Capacity Index (CCI) is a patent-pending innovation that offers lenders an effective means to measure consumers' ability to take on incremental debt.
CreditXpert Tools Considering today’s mortgage market, you need to close as many of your mortgage loans as possible and you cannot afford to leave any money on the table.
Mortgage Connect helps you utilize your existing system connectivity to gain access to the industry’s most complete source of mortgage fulfillment products and services.
FICO Economic Impact Index (FICO EII) derives the empirical relationship between the Beacon 09 score’s odds-to-score relationship and changes in future macro-economic conditions.
Fraud Products Suite Equifax delivers a proven suite of ID verification and authentication tools developed to address the range of low exposure/low risk transactions to extremely complex needs.
The Work Number is your single source to validate employment and income. With one click, you’ll be connected to the fastest, most comprehensive solution in the United States, reducing your verification.
VantageScore is the first tri-bureau model of its kind that defines a new standard in consumer credit risk scoring.