002Equifax is an industry leader in delivering a comprehensive suite of end-to-end mortgage services that enable consistent, profitable growth. With the launch of Equifax Settlement Services and Equifax Capital Markets, we are poised to deliver a complete solution to the industry’s needs – whether it is a single product or a bundled set of products including direct marketing, credit provision, loan origination, fraud prevention, appraisals and closing services, portfolio management, security analytics and/or customer retention.

Equifax supports the Community Reinvestment Act in helping lenders serve the credit needs of the communities in which they operate, including low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. As such, Equifax provides non-traditional credit reports to lenders that meet all secondary market guidelines for collecting the information required in the traditional 1003 form.

Equifax is actively involved in current industry issues and future initiatives of the mortgage industry through our high-level involvement in the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO). By taking a leadership role in MISMO, we are constantly aware of the data elements that are critical to our core business and used by mortgage originators to request, track and manage credit reports typically required in mortgage lending.


Whether you're in the business of offering first mortgages or HELOCs, Equifax can help mortgage marketers identify new prospects, learn more about your existing customers, comply with emerging regulatory requirements and uncover new opportunities.

Loan Origination

Equifax helps you combine consumer credit information with user-defined criteria to deliver actionable customer intelligence at the point-of-sale. As a result, your front-line employees are empowered to make real-time credit decisions that are consistent with your policies.

Employment & Income Verification

Now, more than ever, you need current employment and income information directly from the applicant's employer to make better mortgage loan decisions.


Account/Portfolio Management

In today's highly competitive market, it's important for you to identify cross-sell/retention opportunities within your portfolio and monitor the effectiveness of current risk strategies. Equifax offers cost-effective portfolio services that prove to be a great fit for mortgage lenders of any size.

Property Management

Equifax now provides the Multi-Family Housing industry with a single-source, web-based property management program to effectively and efficiently pre-screen prospective residents/tenants. Verify consumer identity, credit worthiness, criminal history, rental history, employment background and more.

Appraisal & Closing

Equifax Settlement Services specializes in bundling all facets of the mortgage settlement process for you — from appraisals and title insurance, to closing and recording. Also, by adding other services such as tri-merge credit reports, employment verifications, ID authentication, flood certifications and analytical data, we've built a powerful, one-stop solution for speed and cost reduction.

Capital Markets

Equifax Capital Markets now provides a centralized web portal to access the data you need to profile your potential whole loan investments. Determine what loans are worth before and after bidding by accurately predicting future delinquencies, defaults, loss severities and prepayments.