002Manufacturers face a unique set of challenges that Equifax understands. With over 30 years in the business of building consumer databases for durable-goods companies, our solutions have evolved to meet the changing demands of the marketplace. Equifax solutions facilitate direct-to-consumer relationships and analysis that allow you to more effectively manage your business.

What's the Benefit to Your Manufacturing Business?

  • Cost effective, customized solutions to address manufacturer needs.

  • Expertise to help you develop a first-class consumer database.

  • Opportunity to establish a direct relationship with your consumer.

  • In-house research, analytic and marketing professionals to leverage the power of your database.
Products and Services
ScoutSatisfaction Customer satisfaction metrics are an important part of any performance measurement program. Equifax combines the speed and efficiency of online surveying with the power of our research expertise. Using your customer database and our suite of web-based research products, we can automate the entire process.