002Successful marketing is highly challenging in today's competitive insurance environment. With more options available to your customers and more businesses reaching out to steal their business, your success hinges on reaching and impacting the right customers and prospects, creating and fostering strategic partnerships and communicating effectively with brokers, agents and carriers. Equifax delivers intelligent marketing solutions for insurance providers — solutions designed to help them combat competition, skeptical consumers and a volatile economy.

Equifax offers a range of solutions designed to help insurance companies uncover new prospects, learn more about their customers and uncover new opportunities. Whether you offer property and casualty, health, life, auto, annuity or specialty insurance, we can help.

What's the Benefit to Your Insurance Business?

  • Isolate qualified prospects by accessing our leading databases, rich with lifestyle and demographic selections on more than 100 million consumers and 18.5 million businesses.

  • Improve direct marketing campaigns and increase ROI. • Learn more about your customers to assist in retention efforts.

  • Leverage and maintain your house file effectively.

  • Manage and capitalize on multiple channels, including email marketing as a part of your growth and customer retention strategy.

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