High Tech

Successful marketing is highly challenging in today's competitive high-tech market.

002Today's technology continues to evolve at a rapid rate. In fact, products that were introduced and delivered to market as state-of-the-art one year ago, are often categorized as "behind the times" the next year. With continuous innovation a norm and an essential deliverable required to ensure growth, marketers are constantly faced with the challenge of identifying the next "early adopters" — those consumers that will be the first to test, provide feedback on and purchase a new technology.

Equifax offers a range of solutions designed to help technology companies uncover new prospects, learn more about their customers and uncover new opportunities.

What's the Benefit to Your High-Tech Business?

  • Isolate qualified prospects by accessing our leading databases, rich with lifestyle and demographic selections on more than 100 million consumers and 18.5 million businesses.

  • Identify and acquire early adopters for technology related products and services.

  • Reach tech-savvy customers through the most appropriate channel, before the lifecycle of your product expires.

  • Improve marketing campaigns & ROI.

  • Learn more about your customers to improve retention and capitalize on cross-sell opportunities.

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Products and Services
Email Append Many businesses see the conversion of newsletters and other paper-based correspondence to email delivery as “low-hanging fruit” in their environmental, “green,” or paperless office initiatives.
High-Tech Connect predefines users of high-tech products and consumers with interests in technology.
TotalSource XL will pinpoint your prospects and deliver them to you in a timely, effective and cost-saving manner.