002With recent legislative changes and an unpredictable economy, more healthcare providers are relying on Equifax for the pertinent data and proven analytical solutions needed to successfully manage a myriad of industry-specific challenges. We provide customized solutions for:

  • Hospital and physician providers

  • State Medicaid agencies

  • Healthcare collections and debt-purchasing entities

Equifax helps healthcare providers improve their revenue cycle in three areas, while handling patient financial interactions with consistency and insight.

Accurate presumptive charity assignment

  • Improve reporting for revised IRS Form 990

  • Streamline employment and income verification

Account receivables management

  • Maximize payment performance

  • Improve patient contact

  • Reduce costs and optimize resources

Facilitate compliance with Red Flag regulations

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Products and Services
Payment Predictor for Healthcare is a powerful analytical scoring tool that predicts the likelihood a patient will pay the self-pay portion of medical expenses.