Financial Services

002Equifax empowers financial institutions to acquire more customers, keep them, and expand business with them. Now you can quickly and confidently say "yes" to a credit purchase. You can apply decisioning and business intelligence technology to expand core markets. You can use extensive demographic and lifestyle data to make strategic decisions about new markets. These are just a few reasons why the financial industry has trusted Equifax for more than 180 years.

We are a leading strategic advisor to banks and credit unions – both large and small – on credit applications, consumer loan originations, credit line assignments and more.

What's the Benefit to Your Business?

  • Streamline your credit-granting process with up-to-date consumer credit information organized in clear, easy-to-read reports.

  • Reduce application fraud and improve skip-tracing efforts with access to consumer identification information and employment information.

  • Utilize the latest technology platforms that help you automate your business processes and decision management tasks.

  • Access comprehensive analytic/scoring services for enhanced risk assessment — including a team of consultants with extensive industry experience in the design, development, implementation and use of custom and generic modeling and scoring.

  • Isolate qualified prospects by accessing our leading databases, rich with lifestyle and demographic selections and robust credit data.

  • Improve direct marketing campaigns and increase ROI.

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Products and Services
BEACON 09 predicts the likelihood that an existing account or potential credit customer will become a serious credit risk within 24 months after scoring.
BEACON 09 Bankcard Industry Option adjusts the BEACON 09 credit risk assessment score, adding or subtracting points according to predictive information specific to the bankcard industry.
Confidence Score for Credit Unions leverages TeleCheck’s database to create a multi-dimensional view of new share draft account applicants.
Credit Capacity Index (CCI) is a patent-pending innovation that offers lenders an effective means to measure consumers' ability to take on incremental debt. provides a web-based single source for consumer credit, economic and demographic data, plus multiple scenario-based forecasts and insightful industry analysis for the nation and local regions.
FICO Economic Impact Index (FICO EII) derives the empirical relationship between the Beacon 09 score’s odds-to-score relationship and changes in future macro-economic conditions.
TargetPoint Acquisition is a customized, automated prescreen tool designed to quickly and accurately pinpoint new account opportunities – daily, weekly or monthly.