Account/Portfolio Management

002With constantly changing market conditions, consistent monitoring and review of customer accounts is critical, as is access to accurate consumer data. Combining detailed consumer information with timely analysis can help you proactively mitigate risk, as well as enhance your portfolio's overall performance.

Equifax Decision 360 offers the vital information you need to manage existing accounts, while identifying opportunities for incremental growth. Decision 360 provides income, employment, macroeconomic, and asset/wealth data for a true 360° consumer view for confident decision making.

How can I anticipate and better mitigate risk to my portfolio?

  • Modify risk parameters to ensure your account base is growing in -alignment with your desired risk profile.
  • Enhance risk prediction capabilities to better identify and mitigate potential delinquency, default or bankruptcy risk for new and existing customers.

How can I improve portfolio performance? Identify and capture potential lost opportunities for greater financial impact?

  • Refine portfolio management strategies to identify/target your best customers and prospects for additional sales opportunities.
  • Align additional product offers with consumer's income and capacity/propensity to pay.
  • Benchmark your account portfolio against those of your competitors and the U.S. market.

How can I integrate best practice portfolio management strategies into daily operations?

  • Automate lending and account segmentation strategies for alignment with business rules, policies and processes, industry best practices and regulations.

FICO Economic Impact Index

Lenders have expressed concern that risk performance changes over time, especially in light of rapidly shifting economic events. A revolutionary risk management tool is needed to better anticipate account and portfolio risk as economic conditions change. Harnessing the power of the new BEACON 09 scores, FICO developed a new patent-pending analytic solution called FICO Economic Impact Index (EII) to help lenders make more profitable lifecycle decisions by incorporating economically driven changes in credit risk into risk management strategies.

Premium Customer Portfolio Review

Equifax Premium CPR provides enhanced portfolio risk decision making and account prioritization. This tool provides Equifax credit data and analytics, along with unique income and employment data, including…

  • Employer Reported Consumer Income and Employment Information
  • Monthly Debt Payment Information
  • Consumer Debt-to-Income Ratios



Products and Services
BANKRUPTCY NAVIGATOR INDEX 3.0 (BNI) is a powerful analytical tool designed to identify consumer bankruptcy risk at an early stage — before you experience losses.
BEACON 09 predicts the likelihood that an existing account or potential credit customer will become a serious credit risk within 24 months after scoring.
BEACON 09 Mortgage Industry Option adjusts the BEACON 09 credit risk assessment score, adding or subtracting points according to predictive information specific to the mortgage industry.
Credit Capacity Index (CCI) is a patent-pending innovation that offers lenders an effective means to measure consumers' ability to take on incremental debt. provides a web-based single source for consumer credit, economic and demographic data, plus multiple scenario-based forecasts and insightful industry analysis for the nation and local regions.
Equifax Risk Score is a general-purpose risk model that predicts the likelihood of a consumer becoming seriously delinquent (90+ days past due or worse) within 24 months of scoring.
FICO Economic Impact Index (FICO EII) derives the empirical relationship between the Beacon 09 score’s odds-to-score relationship and changes in future macro-economic conditions.
InterConnect for Account Management provides a consolidated view of the customer within the portfolio, and segments these customers based on behavioral and transactional information.
VantageScore is the first tri-bureau model of its kind that defines a new standard in consumer credit risk scoring.