Consumer Credit Report

Make More Informed Decisions

Equifax Automated Credit Reporting Online (ACRO) database is the leading information services source for the credit granting community — allowing you to make faster, more informed credit granting decisions, while enabling you to manage your risk and maximize growth opportunities:


  • Reduce application fraud and improve skip-tracing efforts with access to the consumer’s identification information and employment information.
  • Reduce credit risk with access to the consumer’s public record, inquiry and trade information.
  • Simplify the adverse action processwith the credit reporting agency address and telephone number that must be used in adverse action notices or declination letters.


ACROFILE Plus is a consumer credit report that provides complete credit information in a clear concise format. ACROFILE PLUS delivers current and comprehensive credit information by searching a national, online database of over 200 million consumer credit files.

To view a sample ACROFILE PLUS report and training brochure, click here.


Maximize the Decision-Making Power of ACROFILE with Advanced Scoring Models and Fraud Protection Tools

Products and Services
ePORT is a business-to-business portal marketplace designed to provide Equifax customers with user-friendly, flexible access to tools that drive bottom-line results.
BEACON 09 predicts the likelihood that an existing account or potential credit customer will become a serious credit risk within 24 months after scoring. .
BANKRUPTCY NAVIGATOR INDEX 3.0 (BNI) is a powerful analytical tool designed to identify consumer bankruptcy risk at an early stage — before you experience losses.
VANTAGE SCORE is the first tri-bureau model of its kind that defines a new standard in consumer credit risk scoring.
OFAC ALERT is an efficient solution to facilitate your compliance with OFAC requirements and various regulations, such as the USA PATRIOT Act. OFAC Alert — a powerful tool that will help put you on the road to compliance — fast.
SSN AFFIRM is a fast, efficient tool that helps reduce the risk of loss caused by synthetic identity fraud.
IDENTITY SCAN is the first step in identifying fraudulent activity such as fraud victim alerts, misused Social Security numbers, hot addresses, and suspicious phone numbers.
ACCOUNT VERIFY can be utilized to verify and screen information before payments are accepted; confirm that the account numbers presented by a consumer or authorized user are accurate and belong to that consumer; provide alerts from the consumer credit report, or verify name, address and account number.