002 InterConnect is our industry leading solution for automating account opening, credit-risk decisioning, cross-selling and fraud mitigation during the account acquisition process.

InterConnect centralizes your business processes, which means fast and consistent business decisions across all your sales channels. InterConnect includes a comprehensive suite of products to facilitate rapid change control and effective strategy management.

With InterConnect, you can:

  • Seamlessly integrate the latest data into your risk management processes, including Equifax’s employment and income data,

  • Access demographic and lifestyle data in real-time to implement online invitation-to-apply marketing strategies,

  • Deploy your own predictive models more quickly through InterConnect,

  • Speed up change control with the ability to quickly edit your credit policy business rules, without the need for programming support,

  • Implement best-of-breed prescreen and cross-sell programs to grow your business the right way.
Products and Services
InterConnect for Account Acquisition includes a comprehensive set of products to streamline the application and risk decisioning process, as well as support ongoing change control and strategy development.