Master Data Management

002Recognizing that enterprise-wide supplier and customer visibility is a key requirement for effective decision making, Equifax Data Management Services offers world-class business information, leading technology and a proprietary data match and verification process that provide the clarity you need to manage your supplier and customer information to reduce supply costs and increase revenue. Our technology solutions can be used at your premises or in a hosted solution environment depending on your needs and preferences.

The solutions leverage a global commercial database that brings together all of an organization's divisions and sites into a global family, allowing you to see total spend and revenue with your customers and suppliers.

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Customer Data Management

Managing customer relationships becomes more efficient when you have a single, comprehensive view of your customer across multiple data sources, databases and business lines. Equifax helps you increase the effectiveness of your ongoing customer relationship activities through business content delivered via batch, web and software that integrates with leading CRM applications or can be leveraged in a marketing database we can develop and host for you.

Supplier Data Management

Effective strategic sourcing begins with accurate information on your supply base. By cleansing, enriching and standardizing your supplier data, Equifax enables you to leverage your buying power and reduce costs.