Delimited Output - Batch Processing

A Convenient Service For Downloading the Consumer Data You Need in a More Flexible Format

002When accessing ePORT products through batch processing, you receive the data in print image reports. However, there may be times when you will need your data in a flexible format that will allow you to move data from one application to another. ePORT's delimited output data processing feature allows batch users to download reports into delimited formats, including:

  • Comma delimited (,)

  • Pipe delimited (|)

  • Caret delimited (^)

  • Tilde delimited (~)


  • Easily import delimited files directly into your company's database.

  • Use data in delimited output for other portfolio analysis.

  • Great for storage/record keeping.

  • Purchase this time-saving data output service for only 10 cents per transaction. A $10 monthly minimum fee applies to companies who use this service.


  • This feature can be enabled by the customer's ePORT company administrator.

  • The ePORT administrator enables this feature by selecting the Company Administration link. Next, the administrator selects "ePORT Account Administration" then "Delimited Output".

  • This format is only available to eCreditInformation subscribers who use DTEC. Additional products will be made available for delimited output processing soon.