eCommercial eBatch Processing


There may be times when you will need your data in a flexible format that enables you to move data from one application to another. ePORT′s delimited output data processing feature allows batch users to download reports into a pipe delimited (|) file. This service allows you to easily import delimited files directly into your company’s database, use data in delimited output for portfolio analysis and provides a convenient option for storage and record keeping


  • Saves time by processing large number of requests.
  • Input formats can be tailored to meet user needs.
  • Same great on-line products are available with batch convenience.


  • Upload comma (,), pipe (|), caret (^) or tilde (~) field delimiters.
  • All eCommercial Information products, with the exception of Business Principal Report and OFAC Alert, are available through this feature.
  • Receive e-mail notification when batch processing is complete.
  • Users can view, print, or export report results.
  • Users can download files using delimited output for an additional fee.
  • User guides available on ePORT′s eLibrary.


  • No additional fees or agreements.
  • Requires unlimited storage option to be enabled.
  • ePORT company administrator turns on "Unlimited Storage" option for account on "ePORT Account Administration" screen.