Data Reporting

002Reporting your commercial payment experiences to Equifax enables greater access to information for your organization and the business community at large. With timely and accurate information, you and others in your industry can acquire more credit-worthy customers, accelerate payment, improve collections and reduce cost.

Unlock the many benefits derived from reporting your data:

  • Better manage accounts receivables - sharing payment information provides other creditors the information they need to avoid overextending your customers. As a result, your customers will be in a better position to pay their accounts on time.
  • Acquire and retain higher quality accounts - since customers are more likely to pay off debts to those companies that report their credit information, you can better avoid those customers who tend to take advantage of terms.
  • Support the business economy - prompt paying customers have the opportunity to build an attractive credit profile, a valuable commodity in today's economy

When you report data to Equifax, you can take advantage of many additional benefits:

  • Blind reporting - the data you report is displayed on the Equifax Commercial Credit Report anonymously
  • Restricted marketing use - your data is never used to build marketing lists
  • Reduced costs - The Equifax Commercial Credit Report includes payment history for trade receivables as well as banking obligations (such as loans, leases and credit cards), providing a cost-effective alternative to manual, time-consuming bank reference checks
  • No commitment to buy - you can report your payment information to Equifax with no obligation to purchase products
  • Special incentives - as a commercial data contributor you may be eligible for various incentives including complementary trial of products. For customers that process invoices manually, invoice stickers are provided free of charge.

Safe and Secure Reporting

Equifax has long been a trusted steward of consumer credit information. We employ the same strict data security and confidentiality standards in our commercial credit reporting business.