Business Credit Report

Have Confidence in Your Business Credit Decisions

002Making business credit decisions can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right tools and information that give you confidence in your decisions. Equifax Commercial Information Solutions offers business information that can make any credit manager’s job easier.

Our Business Credit Monitoring service enables you to proactively monitor the risk profile of a business. Monitor one, or all, of your business customers for pennies a day. You can even monitor your suppliers for signs of financial difficulty that may impact your business operations. For a more robust business credit monitoring service, Commercial Account Triggering offers additional, customizable criteria to give you even more insight into the credit behavior and risk profile of your customers. Commercial data contribution is required for our Account Triggering service.

What Makes Equifax Equifax Commercial Information Solutions Different?

  • Partnered with leading financial institutions to develop and manage the Small Business Financial Exchange
  • Comprehensive business credit information on more than 24 million small businesses
  • No self-reported information; data from credit grantors and other third parties
  • Highly predictive credit risk scores built on trade credit and banking/leasing payment history
  • Consumer and commercial blended solutions available for a more complete picture of business credit risk
  • No long-term contracts; volume discount pricing

We offer the following solutions to help you make important credit decisions that lead to business growth:

Products and Services
ePORT is a business-to-business portal marketplace designed to provide Equifax customers with user-friendly, flexible access to tools that drive bottom-line results.
Business Credit Report is a unique data solution that offers a complete view of a business’s credit obligations.
Business Credit Industry Report Plus summarizes key information about the business and categorizes tradeline data by credit grantor industry or financial product type.
Business Principal Report provides credit information on the business principal, owner or guarantor, as well as BEACON 09, the most commonly used classic FICO risk model in the marketplace and Identity Scan to alert you to fraudulent or potentially fraudulent information elements.
Business Delinquency Suite offers alternative ways to predict the likelihood that a business will become seriously delinquent over the next 12 months.
Business Failure Suite offers alternative ways to predict the likelihood that a business will fail through either formal or informal bankruptcy.
Business Identity Report enables you to quickly verify the identity of a business and principal/guarantors.
Business Identity Report Plus
Business Fraud Advisor searches multiple identification databases for discrepancies in the most important identity elements: name, address, telephone number, and Federal tax ID.