Business To Business Solutions

Equifax Commercial Information Solutions brings new accuracy and trust to business intelligence.

002Going far beyond self reported data, Equifax integrates trade credit history, financial payment history, business demographics and organizational insight. Access to better information sheds new light on credit worthiness, business viability, potential prospects and more.

Reduce risk with extensive information and insightful tools that enable you to make objective, fact-based decisions for your business applicants and existing business customers.

Business Credit Reports

Business Credit Reports are a unique data solution that offers a complete view of a business’s credit obligations. They include banking and leasing payment information reported by the Small Business Financial Exchange as well as trade payment history, public records, firmographics and a listing of related businesses (if business principal is supplied upon inquiry).


Daily, you deal with dozens of commercial credit issues. To protect your company from financial losses, you need confidence that the decisions you make are the right ones. Extensive commercial credit data from Equifax prepares you every day to objectively weigh the risks versus the rewards. With the right tools to evaluate risk, you've made the big step from guesswork to objective, fact-based decisions for any commercial credit situation.


Marketers are playing a much larger role in driving growth for organizations and must become adept at uncovering exciting marketing opportunities and delivering a significant amount of new leads. Equifax can offer you a competitive edge with a suite of marketing services designed specifically for business-to-business marketers.

Fraud Management

To minimize the impact of fraud on your company, you must employ measures to identify potential fraud before it occurs and identify fraud quickly once it has been committed. Authentication of a business - and the individuals linked to the business - is crucial prior to establishing a relationship. Likewise, monitoring accounts after a relationship has been established can uncover red flags that could indicate the likelihood of fraud already in progress. Equifax can assist you with both identity verification and fraud detection.

Data Management

Recognizing that enterprise-wide supplier and customer visibility is a key requirement for effective decision making, Equifax Data Management Services offers world-class business information, leading technology and a proprietary data match and verification process that provide the clarity you need to manage your supplier and customer information to reduce supply costs and increase revenue.

Commercial eLetters

With Commercial eLetters, you can quickly create your own welcome letters, adverse action notices, declination letters or any other business documents appropriate for your commercial customers or prospects - all within the ePORT application.

eCommercial eBatch Processing

There may be times when you will need your data in a flexible format that enables you to move data from one application to another. ePORT′s delimited output data processing feature allows batch users to download reports into a pipe delimited (|) file. This service allows you to easily import delimited files directly into your company’s database, use data in delimited output for portfolio analysis and provides a convenient option for storage and record keeping