002Risk management in an evolving economy requires a more in-depth view of consumer credit health. Traditional risk management measures, like credit scores alone, may not provide enough insight for marketing optimization and profitable portfolio management.

For truly informed decision making, a comprehensive picture of consumer creditworthiness with timely, accurate assessments of liabilities, income and property, behaviors and trends is required.  Equifax Decision 360 is your only source for a true 360° consumer view that includes credit, capacity and collateral.

The Decision 360 Advantage:

Greater consumer credit transparency for enhanced risk assessment through access to a variety of data including:

  • Credit information
  • Income/employment verification
  • Asset/property data
  • Telco/utility payments
  • Credit capacity scores
  • Demographics
  • Macroeconomic trending
  • Custom modeling/analytics of your own account data

Enhanced ROI by streamlining credit-granting processes with automated decisioning and readily available consumer data.

Reduced application fraud and improved collections efforts with access to consumer identification and employment information.

Decision 360 can help you to build detailed consumer balance sheets, income and cash flow statements to guide your Account Opening and Loan Origination, Account/Portfolio Management, Marketing, Collections — even Compliance — strategies and decisions. Decision 360 facilitates faster, more confident decision making, while enabling you to effectually manage risk and maximize growth opportunities.

Account/Portfolio Management

With constantly changing market conditions, consistent monitoring and review of customer accounts is critical, as is access to accurate consumer data. Combining detailed consumer information with timely analysis can help you proactively mitigate risk, as well as enhance your portfolio's overall performance

Account Opening

Increased consumer debt and stricter lending requirements heighten your need for detailed, precise consumer information and consistent practices at account opening. Can you be sure applicants are who they say they are? Are you making fair and balanced lending decisions?

Collections & Recovery

Collecting outstanding debt poses tremendous challenges when the credit market contracts, unemployment rates rise and legislators scrutinize recovery measures. Determining consumers' capacity to pay, as well as compliance with industry legislation, is as vital to your collections goals as accurate contact information. Equifax has the data and tools you need to develop and execute cost-effective collections strategies that meet regulatory requirements.


Failure to meet governmental and industry regulations can be a costly mistake. When compliance is the goal, the more you know the better you are able to protect your company's assets and reputation. Whether you seek to better align your practices with industry lending policies or want to protect your customers against identity theft,  Equifax Decision 360 can help you build rock solid compliance programs that mitigate both internal and outlying risk to your business.

Account Cross-Sell/Up-Sell During Loan Origination

How do you identify and sell additional services to customers who can afford them, when they are most likely to purchase? Loan origination is perhaps the best time to capture further business.


Products and Services
Equifax Enabling Technologies is a leading strategic advisor on credit applications, consumer and commercial loan originations, credit line assignments and more.
BEACON 09 predicts the likelihood that an existing account or potential credit customer will become a serious credit risk within 24 months after scoring.
BEACON 09 Auto Industry Option adjusts the BEACON 09 credit risk assessment score, adding or subtracting points according to predictive information specific to the auto loan industry.
BEACON 09 Bankcard Industry Option adjusts the BEACON 09 credit risk assessment score, adding or subtracting points according to predictive information specific to the bankcard industry.
BEACON 09 Mortgage Industry Option adjusts the BEACON 09 credit risk assessment score, adding or subtracting points according to predictive information specific to the mortgage industry.
Confidence Score for Credit Unions leverages TeleCheck’s database to create a multi-dimensional view of new share draft account applicants.
Undisclosed Debt Monitoring is a proprietary platform that monitors the “quiet period” between the time of original credit file pull and the closing of the loan.
Compliance Data Center, Inc. (CDC) maintains a comprehensive database which includes multiple sources of information, such as various government and agency lists worldwide, as well as global media reports of white-collar criminal activity and terrorist-related activities.
Credit Capacity Index (CCI) is a patent-pending innovation that offers lenders an effective means to measure consumers' ability to take on incremental debt.
CreditForecast.com provides a web-based single source for consumer credit, economic and demographic data, plus multiple scenario-based forecasts and insightful industry analysis for the nation and local regions.
Equifax Decision 360 enhances portfolio profitability with effective assessment of ability, willingness and capacity to pay across the customer lifecycle.
ID Report searches the Equifax nationwide credit reporting database of more than 200 million consumer files to return complete ID and locate information.
OFAC Alert is an efficient solution to facilitate your compliance with OFAC requirements and various regulations, such as the USA PATRIOT Act. OFAC Alert — a powerful tool that will help put you on the road to compliance — fast.
Personal Income Model is unique in that it was modeled to a national sample of actual, employer provided current employment and income information – unlike other models that rely on less reliable, and often outdated, census or self-reported income data.
PortfolioID for Mortgage and HELOC allows you to mine and leverage Equifax’s vast national database to obtain both the high level, comprehensive view of your portfolio and the highly detailed customer-level information you require to drive your business.
Premium Customer Portfolio Review enables a more holistic view of a consumer’s ability to pay their debt obligations, providing unique income- and employment-related consumer insight along with traditional credit-based information and analytics.
Subprime Risk Optimizer (SubPRO) is a multi-level risk criterion that can be overlaid on a standard risk score — allowing you to quickly and effectively assess the risk of delving lower than your traditional score cuts.
TargetPoint Portfolio Review is an automated account management tool designed to quickly and accurately identify consumers with new derogatory information or recently activated fraud alerts on their credit file.