Target the appropriate credit customers ...

002Businesses are working harder than ever to find and acquire new customers. As time and money are always your most valuable assets, you need to accurately and efficiently identify and reach consumers who can afford your products and services.

Equifax Decision 360 provides the level of insight you need to determine which consumers are better candidates for credit, as well as which existing customers are eligible for additional credit. With a complete assessment of consumer payment history, individual and household income/assets and debt levels, Decision 360 helps you to effectively segment and target new credit customers, driving additional revenue while reducing expenses associated with customer acquisition.

Equifax's informed approach can maximize response rates, reduce your cost per acquisition, and minimize the wasted efforts of marketing to the wrong households.

What’s the Benefit to Your Business?

  • Find prospects for pre-approved credit offers with highly targeted custom credit prescreen campaigns that identify candidates who most closely match your acquisition strategies.
  • Understand your customers and prospects more completely with a single unified view of prospects and marketing activity.
  • Know which customers are actively in-the-market and can more likely afford your products and services.

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Products and Services
PortfolioID Advantage, a highly cost-effective business intelligence solution, delivers the information you need to optimally deploy your resources to manage delinquent accounts, maximize collections, enhance customer relationships and reliably predict future behavior.
PortfolioID for Mortgage and HELOC allows you to mine and leverage Equifax’s vast national database to obtain both the high level, comprehensive view of your portfolio and the highly detailed customer-level information you require to drive your business.
ProspectID Advantage – an acquisition marketing solution for FCRA-compliant marketing campaigns – delivers a list of pre-approved, credit-worthy consumer prospects, tailored to your credit profile criteria, and quality assured by Equifax’s proven prescreen process.