Identity Suite

Fortify Your Defenses Against Account Opening Fraud

002Fraud issues vary by industry and Equifax's fraud solutions have been effectively applied in combating fraudulent activity at thousands of companies. Products within Equifax's Identity Suite are specifically designed to automate the business processes that many companies are handling manually.

The Equifax Identity Suite provides identity screening, SSN verification, account verification, identity verification and authentication.

What’s the Benefit to Your Business?

  • Identity Screening - identify fraudulent activity such as fraud victim alerts, misused Social Security numbers, hot addresses and suspicious phone numbers.
  • SSN Verification - determine if the SSN provided can be matched to a specific consumer.
  • Account Verification - determine if the account numbers provided by a consumer are accurate and belong to that consumer.
  • Identity Verification and Authentication - verify that an identity actually exists, and the likelihood that a consumer is who they say they are.


Products and Services
Identity Suite screens individual elements of an identity for known fraud and potential misuse; verifies if an identity corresponds to a real person; authenticates that an individual is who they say they are; and fraud scores and reason codes that reduce false positives and facilitate prioritizing manual reviews.
ACCOUNT VERIFY can be utilized to verify and screen information before payments are accepted; confirm that the account numbers presented by a consumer or authorized user are accurate and belong to that consumer; provide alerts from the consumer credit report, or verify name, address and account number.
eIDverifier is an Internet-based service that authenticates a consumer’s identity by presenting multiple-choice questions to the applicant that should only be known by that actual consumer.
eIDcompare is an Internet-based service that helps companies mitigate the risk of doing business online by validating that an applicant’s identity actually exists or by verifying the identity of a joint applicant not present during an account opening process.