Collections & Recovery

Bad debt can be crippling to your business. And with today's heightened focus on managing expenses, you need to efficiently find debtors and collect from those most likely to pay. For many organizations, it seems as if cost-effective, expeditious tools to find debtors and improve return on debt recovery efforts have been harder to come by. That is, until now. Equifax maintains a robust suite of products to help you prioritize your collection activities and locate debtors - improving your recovery rates and reducing write-offs. From early to late-stage collection strategies, Equifax is your partner in improving skip-tracing efforts and determining a consumer's ability to pay.

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Products and Services
Collection Insights combines the value of Equifax’s industry-leading contact data with strategically selected credit-based triggers that flag when a consumer’s ability to pay has improved, indicating that the timing may be opportune to re-initiate collection efforts.
Enhanced Automated Collection Transactions (EnACT) is an offline risk assessment tool specifically designed for collections professionals.
Equifax Decision 360 enhances portfolio profitability with effective assessment of ability, willingness and capacity to pay across the customer lifecycle.
FINDERS is a credit report specifically designed for the collection industry.
FirstSearch is a front-end skip-trace tool designed specifically for collection professionals.
Low-Balance Navigator Score offers analytic insight to help boost recovery rates by efficiently re-segmenting and prioritizing debtors with low-balance portfolios.
Personal Income Model is unique in that it was modeled to a national sample of actual, employer provided current employment and income information – unlike other models that rely on less reliable, and often outdated, census or self-reported income data.
ProScrub is designed to augment your current collection processes by automatically reviewing your portfolio against the industry’s most comprehensive consumer credit database, returning valuable information on bankrupt and deceased consumers.
RE-APPEAR is an automated notification tool providing consumer contact information to collection professionals seeking to contact or monitor a skipped consumer to recover debt.
Recovery Report is an abbreviated credit report, tailored specifically for the collections industry that helps you improve your skiptracing efforts and better determine a consumer’s ability to pay.
Student Loan Navigator Score supports a specialized student loan collections strategy that can help collectors boost recovery rates.