Account/Portfolio Management

002Managing credit exposure and strengthening relationships with your current customers are equally important for achieving strong business results. Equifax offers highly flexible portfolio management tools to help you better identify areas of risk and opportunities to improve performance from your business customers.

Benefits to you:

  • Reduce costs associated with time-consuming manual portfolio review activities
  • Proactively monitor existing accounts for risk level changes
  • Minimize losses from accounts "going bad" with early warning alerts
  • Set targeted treatment strategies based on risk level or opportunity assessment
  • Analyze your portfolio against critical business metrics and industry trends
  • Benchmark performance against other creditors to identify opportunities and increase market share
  • Align resources against revenue-generating activities and exception-based accounts
  • Adjust loss reserves as conditions change

Solutions we offer:

  • Commercial account review tools
  • Business monitoring
  • Portfolio trending and benchmarking

Business Monitoring

Equifax proactively monitors your business customers or suppliers and provides timely notification of risk level changes so you can act quickly to minimize any negative impact to your bottom line. Businesses are monitored against data reported to the Equifax Commercial database, including bank and lease payment information, trade receivables payment information and public records, ensuring that you are aware of potential trouble as soon as it occurs.

Lending Trends Benchmarking

The small business lending industry is undergoing significant change. Many lenders are going back to the basics to refine strategies in hopes of emerging from the recession in better shape than before. As your institution continues to sharpen its focus on small business lending, and balance its growth, risk and profitability objectives, achieving success requires an enhanced understanding of the industry and competitive landscape in which you operate.



Products and Services
Account Advantage can help you accelerate customer boarding, simplify account management and improve efficiency.
Business Credit Monitoring is an internet-based service that lets you proactively monitor business accounts against the unique information in the Equifax commercial credit database.
Commercial Bankruptcy Alert is a comprehensive tool that matches bankruptcy, dismissal, and discharge filings to your accounts.
Business Credit Report is a unique data solution that offers a complete view of a business’s credit obligations.
Commercial Insight provides a new level of business intelligence that will help you assess your risk, wallet share and market share.
OFAC Alert automates the OFAC screening process and delivers clear, easy-to-read results to the point-of-sale, streamlining your compliance efforts with minimal cost.
Red Flag Services for Business Accounts helps you more easily comply with Red Flag legislation as well as other regulatory requirements such as Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Identification Program (CIP) and USA PATRIOT Act..