Account Opening

002With comprehensive business information available only from Equifax, you can better evaluate the risk of new business applicants, enabling you to obtain more credit-worthy customers. This data combined with state-of-the-art decisioning technology empowers you to streamline the account opening/loan origination process, minimize the potential for losses, and improve the borrowing experience for your customer.

Benefits to you:

  • Make informed business decisions with unique data unavailable from other sources
  • Leverage the power of the Equifax commercial and consumer credit databases for a more complete picture of the business risk
  • Implement consistent credit policies across all channels
  • Automate and simplify the end-to-end account opening process
  • Improve customer service with faster response times

Solutions we offer:

  • Credit reports on the business and the principal / owner
  • Credit risk and business failure scores
  • Custom scoring solutions
  • Application processing and decisioning technology for new account opening

From front-end risk evaluation to streamlining post-approval processes, Equifax delivers solutions to support your account opening and loan origination processes from beginning to end.

For more information on Equifax’s suite of Commercial Risk Services, click here.

Power Pack for Telco & Utility

Power Pack™ for Telco & Utility provides only the relevant information you need for customer identification. For only a few dollars per report, you can control your spending, but still have peace of mind that you know who you are doing business with. And when you need to assess credit risk and set deposit terms, you can choose the Power Pack option that includes a delinquency score.


Products and Services
Account Advantage can help you accelerate customer boarding, simplify account management and improve efficiency.
Business Credit Report is a unique data solution that offers a complete view of a business’s credit obligations.
Business Credit Industry Report Plus summarizes key information about the business and categorizes tradeline data by credit grantor industry or financial product type.
Business Principal Report provides credit information on the business principal, owner or guarantor, as well as BEACON 09, the most commonly used classic FICO risk model in the marketplace and Identity Scan to alert you to fraudulent or potentially fraudulent information elements.
Business Delinquency Suite offers alternative ways to predict the likelihood that a business will become seriously delinquent over the next 12 months.
Business Failure Suite offers alternative ways to predict the likelihood that a business will fail through either formal or informal bankruptcy.
Business Identity Report enables you to quickly verify the identity of a business and principal/guarantors.
Business Identity Report Plus