Account Retention

002The value of your existing customers cannot be underestimated. With more options available to your customers and more companies reaching out to steal their business, your success hinges on strengthening your customer relationships and capitalizing on the loyalty you have worked hard to build, and count on, for repeat purchase behavior. To learn more about Equifax’s Commercial Marketing Services, click here.

Benefits to you:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the behavior and habits of your customer
  • Strengthen existing relationships
  • Leverage multiple channels to reach your customers more effectively
  • Reduce waste and costs associated with inaccurate customer information
  • Invest in the "right" customers for your business

Solutions we offer:

  • Customer profiling analysis
  • Wallet share analysis
  • Market share analysis
  • Customer marketing database design and hosting

Learning more about your existing customers can help you secure their loyalty and future business. Ask Equifax how we can assist you with meeting your customer retention objectives.

Products and Services
Commercial Insight provides a new level of business intelligence that will help you assess your risk, wallet share and market share.