002Marketers are playing a much larger role in driving growth for organizations and must become adept at uncovering exciting marketing opportunities and delivering a significant amount of new leads. Equifax can offer you a competitive edge with a suite of marketing services designed specifically for business-to-business marketers. We can help you assess your position in the market, set new marketing strategies and develop targeted prospect lists to increase response rates and return on investment for marketing campaigns.We can also help you to optimize your marketing activity with outsourced solutions that help provide key insights into your target segments and automation tools to speed the delivery of your marketing messages to those target segments. To learn more about Equifax’s Commercial Marketing Services, click here.

Account Acquisition

To ensure your business's growth you need effective solutions for finding new customers and gaining increased revenue from your existing ones. Often, the process of attaining prospects is extremely costly and time consuming. Equifax can help you evaluate market potential, find and reach the right businesses, minimize the waste of communicating with the wrong ones and increase response rates. We can help you to analyze and measure responsiveness of your acquisition campaigns over time through our outsourced solutions enabling you to refine programs and maximize marketing spend.

Account Cross-Sell & Upsell

Your existing customer is often times your best prospect. Cross-selling your services to your existing customer base requires that representatives have the insight necessary to make the right offer at the right time. Equifax can help you build a strategy that maps your cross-selling goals to appropriate opportunities, and then support that strategy through delivery of rich demographic and credit information and powerful marketing database solutions that will help you maximize your customers' revenue potential.

Account Retention

The value of your existing customers cannot be underestimated. With more options available to your customers and more companies reaching out to steal their business, your success hinges on strengthening your customer relationships and capitalizing on the loyalty you have worked hard to build, and count on, for repeat purchase behavior. Equifax can help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers' needs and plan more effectively. Learning more about your customers will help you to determine which customers you should target your marketing efforts toward - and which ones you should not.